Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas book box

Hi Everyone

Every year I put a box out on the First of December, with all our Christmas films and books in. Most years its an old toy box or a cardboard box covered in wrapping paper this year I had an old CD storage box I could alter and hopefully I will have something I can put out for years to come.

It Started off as a very plain metal box and its pretty large. by far one of the largest projects I have completed. 

I started by covering all the edges, hinges and locks with brown paint, that I sanded back in places so you can see some of the metal underneath. Then I cut several sheets of patterned paper into 2 inch squares, which I glued in place. I edged all the panels of patterned paper with dots of Cosmic Shimmer's PVA pearlescent glue in Olympic Gold and Choco Brown.

I recently had a clock break, so naturally I scavenged for pieces before throwing it away. One of the kept pieces was the dome that covered the clock face, which I used to cover the focal image on the top of the box. To make the image I ripped a strip of paper, that I used as a mask, and inked over the circle of paper with various brown and blue shades of distress inks. I then stamped three angels, some snowflakes and a Christmas themed phrase. Before glueing the dome to the card I added some frost flakes from The Embellishment Attic. I then glued the metal ring over the top, added more Cosmic Shimmer glue in dots, and glued in place two children's Christmas ornament that I had painted with my son. 

Putting that aside to dry, I painted some polystyrene snowflake with green paint. once the paint was dry I heated the snowflakes so the polystyrene bubbled slightly and then rubbed treasure gold over the top.

I made a mixture of different sized flowers with red, gold and silver ribbon, adding black beads and bells to the centres. I also coloured some paper flowers with a watered down brown stain, and heat embossed some small chip board snowflakes with sliver embossing powder.

When everything was dry I arranged the flowers and snowflakes on top of the box, adding lots of extra metal embellishments.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas lights canvas -The Artistic Stamper December Challenge.

Hi Everyone

I really enjoyed making this 30x30 cm canvas, for the December- Christmas themed challenge on The Artistic Stampers Creative team blog. Please pop over, join in, and I hope you are inspired by all our pieces.

 I started by reusing an old canvas, so I painted the whole canvas with black acrylic paint. Once that was dry I stamped using white dylusions paint and the Christmas strippers stamp, unfortunately you can not really see this stamp once the canvas is finished. I then started to scrape paint over the canvas with an old credit card. I used lots of different dylusions paints so had to ensure I allowed the paint to dry in-between the layers so the individual colours could be seen and they did not get to muddy.

Over this I sponged fresh lime through the chevron mask, and squeezed orange through the large dot mask.

Once that was completely dry I stamped over the canvas with a snowflake stamp, and then pierced holes through the canvas in the snowflake centres. I glued grommets/ eyelets in place through the holes.

I went over the snowflakes with a black pen and added some white in place with a paint pen. once it was all dry I pushed some light through the hole made and glued them in place.

 Thank you so much for reading

Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Artistic Stamper sneak peak

My next post goes up tomorrow on The Artistic Stampers Creative Teams Blog
Please pop over and see the finished piece and how it was done.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sneak Peak

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fall Challenge pages 5&6

Hi All

It is not at all shocking, but I am behind again. I found these two pages difficult. The first was about birds and the second was about something that scared you. Unfortunately for me birds are what I am scared of, especially the flappy kind. My partners parents kept soooooooooooooooo many chickens at one time, and he found it hilarious that I refused to enter there garden.

When I was working on these pages I wanted to use lots of odd bits of paper I had lying around. For the first page I painted it with black acrylic and glued tissue paper over the top, over that I ripped up and glued some tags  I had previously made. Once everything was stuck down, I doodled in places with a white paint pen and some pit pens, and finished it of with a quote.

The second was done in pretty much the same way, only this time I did not paint the page to start with paint. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sneak Peak

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Resist Journal pages

Hi All

So today I played catch up with the fall challenge I have entered. The challenges keep coming and I am struggling to keep up,  but it is definitely worth it.

This challenge was to use resist techniques or journal about things we find hard to resist. I tend to keep most of my pages quite impersonal, so went with resist techniques, and ended up doing two pages.

 On the page above I stamped the jumbled up letters for irresistible with black ink and then heat embossed them with white embossing powder. The result was very patchy but looking back I am glad I carried on as I really like it. Over that I spayed with blue and green sprays and waited for it to completely dry, then wiped over my embossing as it acted as a resist.  I then placed a grid stencil  over my page in different areas, dabbing an embossing ink pad over the top, which I heat embossed with clear embossing powder. I then sprayed a sliver spray through the same grid stencil and wiped the excess from the embossing. To finished I stamped out Stamping is Irresistible on different scraps of paper and glued them in place.

On this page I repeat stamped the word irresistible and heat embossed it with white embossing powder, trying to ensure I got really good coverage, and then sprayed over the top with both silver and orange sprays. Once dry I wiped over the page as the embossing acted as a resist. I did not really want to do anything else to this page , but felt it looked unfinished in my journal, so I just painted a black boarder and a little witch on a hill.

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Friday, 9 October 2015

Dish Rag flowers

Hi All

 I have recently joined in with an art journalling challenge on facebook, called Fall in love with Art Journalling - Fall Challenge. It's very quick and great fun, even though I always feel I am playing catch up. Recently one of the lovely ladies playing, asked for more details on what everyone was doing instead of just posting the pictures, so I thought I would add them to my blog as posts.

This week the prompt, was to use fabric. Which really stretched me creativity as fabric is not something I would ever really think to use, nor is it something I really have at home. On a trip to the shops, it suddenly occurred to me that I could use dish rags to make flowers, so a little detour to the pound shop was required.

On a cereal packet base, I had covered with gesso, and then covered some areas with black paint, I applied cut grass, fresh lime, and crushed grape, Dylusions paints with a brayer. The cut grass looks very blue in this picture over the black paint. Once dry I stamped one of my most favourite stamps ever, It's a JOFY one, I think from plate 09 across the bottom curving it slightly so give the impression of hills.

Then using the same colours I painted in the grass, leaves and bobbly bits on the stems. I also added dots of paint over the rest of the page, and outlined everything with a black paint pen. While waiting for that to dry I pulled apart the dish rags and smeared more of the purple paint over them, cutting it into circles once it was dry, I tried to make all the circles different sized and slightly irregular. Once everything was dry I glued them in place added buttons to the centres and drew the stems with the same black paint pen.

Thank you for reading, all comment are really appreciated.
Gem x

Friday, 2 October 2015

Colour Burst Christmas Tags

Hi All

Now I know most people are shaking there heads at me right now, but I love Christmas and it will be here sooner than we think. Every year I try to make my own gift tags, One year I an determined to make enough.

I recently treated myself to some of Ken Oliver's Colour Bursts, I have seen them in action before and had a little play with a friends and it never ceases to amaze me how bright and fun they are to play with.

I cut the tags from different pieces of card from my stash, to see how the colour burst would react on them. These were mostly a pearl and a coated card stock, on which I sprinkled a small amount of the power and sprayed with water. The first and second ones were only sprayed a little, the third and fourth were quiet heavily sprayed with water.

I liked the backgrounds just as they were. So I just stamped and embossed  
an Icicle from The Artistic Stamper with Black embossing powder over the top and edged them with Distress Ink. 

 Thanks for reading
Gem x

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Artistic Stampers monthly challenge- October/Clocks

Hi All

This month the challenge on The Artistic Stampers Blog is Clocks, I hope you feel inspired by mine and the other creative teams pieces and join in the challenge.

It a journal page from me, I guess technically its the side of a cereal box, that I had previously covered with Gesso, but once I have a pile of them I will turn them into a book.

I started by scrapping Toffee and Caramel Fresco Finish paint over the card. I then stamped over the top using Distress inks (Hickory Smoke, Pumice Stone, Frayed Burlap and Vintage Photo) and The Artistic Stamper stamps, Chicken Wire, Cogs and Tick Tock.

I stamped out the words "The hours are going by" using black archival ink and Decay alphabet lower case, also from the Artistic Stamper. After I cut them out I edged them with distress ink.

I copied and painted the body from previous pages, and cut a dress from glassine paper, which I stamped over with a script stamp, I also stamped and cut a clock face to represent the girls face. to finish off I stamped and embossed some cogs for both the dress and the base of the page to act as flowers, afterwards I went around everything and added some doodling with a black paint pen.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

The Artistic Stamper sneak peak

My next post goes up tomorrow for the Artistic Stampers creative team.
Here's a little look

I hope you pop over and read, all comments are gratefully received.
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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Scream and Shout

Hi All 

I very recently posted about me and a couple of crafty pals setting challenges for each other. Well the second challenge was set, based on a song, and as shocking as it was to me, I am the first to complete it.

I am still really loving working on old cereal packets, and used one as the base for this page. I covered the cardboard with book pages and tissue paper that had a text design printed on it. The tissue paper also had a rose and some ink splodges printed on it which I tried to keep visible. Over this I scrapped gesso, just to tone down some of the text.

Once dry, I used some sprays I made up from Color Lab powders. I stood the page up and sprayed at the top letting them run to the bottom of the page. Remembering to spray one colour at a time so they didn't completely blend into each other.

I then introduced an orange spray to the two bluey colours I was using making it extra important to allow drying time (I am very impatient, so remembering that drying time really is a struggle), I also only wanted the smallest amount of orange spray. Once that was dry I applied some blue and orange paints through a stencil.

 Then out came the pencil...........................................

After that I stamped out the words with different letter stamps, cut them out glued them in place. At which point I decided my black ink was not black enough and I went over them all with a black paint pen.

I then painted in the person, keeping the colours quite muted, I went for browns on the cape. I also didn't want the face to be overly detailed, just enough so there was some kind of expression.

Thank you for reading,

Sunday, 20 September 2015

What! They banned me from my favorite colours

Hi All

So me and a couple of crafty friends, try to get together as often as possible, we share tips and generally try to encourage each other and push each other to try new creative things. For some crazy reason we decided to challenge each other, mine was to create a canvas after being banned from using all my normal go to colours, I had to use lots of reds oranges and pinks, and only a warm colour pallet. now I know most of you reading this will be going that's easy so many colours to chose from, but me well, I wasn't so excited I am defiantly a cool pallet girl, loving blues, green, purples and browns.

 I wanted there to be lots of texture on this canvas so I started by added texture pastes through masks. This was also a reused canvas so was covered in brown gum tape. This all added lots of interest when I started to apply paints and gesso to the canvas sometimes through masks and sometimes just scrapped on with a pallet knife.

Even then I wanted more texture and raised areas, so I added paint to both texture paste and bead gel medium, and applied them to the canvas through masks, this time picking fairly bold designs. On a separate sheet of card I drew the body and painted her (unfortunately I can not remember where this figure originally came from), almost failing the challenge when I went to make her a brunette. I then formed her dress by cutting hearts out of book pages, and adding a yellow belt.

 I finished off by stamping words onto book paper, gluing everything down adding some stamping in black ink, and doodling with a black pen.

One of a my pals doing these challenges also blogs so here is a link to her challenge piece which was completely different to mine. notations of a crafter

We plan on doing challenges based on songs next, all doing the same song and seeing how different are pieces will be.

Thank you for reading,
All comments are greatly appreciated
Inky Kitty