Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fall Challenge pages 5&6

Hi All

It is not at all shocking, but I am behind again. I found these two pages difficult. The first was about birds and the second was about something that scared you. Unfortunately for me birds are what I am scared of, especially the flappy kind. My partners parents kept soooooooooooooooo many chickens at one time, and he found it hilarious that I refused to enter there garden.

When I was working on these pages I wanted to use lots of odd bits of paper I had lying around. For the first page I painted it with black acrylic and glued tissue paper over the top, over that I ripped up and glued some tags  I had previously made. Once everything was stuck down, I doodled in places with a white paint pen and some pit pens, and finished it of with a quote.

The second was done in pretty much the same way, only this time I did not paint the page to start with paint. 

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