Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Yellow Flower board

 Hello everyone

I enjoyed creating this piece for a friends birthday, I really hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it. The base for this was an artists canvas board that measured 8" by 8" inches, that I primed with gesso.

I started by rubbing a light blue and light purple Gelato over the board. I then took a brush and adding a fair amount of water started to move and blend the colours together.

After drying the board with a heat tool, I placed a Donna Downey stencil over the top. I wiped over the top of the stencil with a wet wipe removing some of the Gelatos. When doing this technique the wet wipe always looks great and once dried will make lovely die cut flowers. I then ran a darker purple Gelato around the edge of the board and blended it in  with my finger.

I then took some gesso and a small round paint brush and painted in the shapes for my flower, including the stem. I like to apply the Gesso fairly thickly in places as I enjoy seeing the brush marks. I also place a stencil with small circles on it, in the three other corners and applied gesso through the circles with my finger.

I then started to build up layers of colour on my flower. I used the same paintbrush to do this, mixing different yellow Gelatos with gesso.

Once all those layers had dried I added some more colour, A pale yellow Gelato to the centre of the flower and a brown to the edges. I did not mix the Gelato with gesso this time instead I picked up the colour with a damp brush straight from the stick. I finished off the flower by adding defination to the petals with a yellow Pitt pen.

 The board was finished off by added some colour to the circles with a blue Gelato.

Thank you for reading


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    1. Thank you. It was fun, I will defiantly be doing more.

  2. Love that your flower is so full and luscious that it is pulling the stem sideways. Great textures. Lovely! j.


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