Friday, 19 August 2016

Recycled Substrate Play

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Hello Everyone

I had a play today, with something I always really enjoy playing with, recycling old packaging. In this case part of a cardboard box. Because you are using something that would normally go in the bin, there is no pressure, you can just relax and if it all goes horribly wrong, you have lost nothing and most likely learnt something from the process.

I started by ripping parts of the top layer of cardboard off, revealing the bumpy corrugated part underneath, Over this I applied a layer of Gesso with a roller. I then applied layers of Iridescent violet blue paint in the same way. Before sponging the same paint that I had mixed with black and titanium buff on to texture embossing folders ( Hessian and Dry Stone Wall) and stamped that on top of the cardboard. I also stamped onto the board with bubble wrap using a much darker mix of the paint.

I coated a sheet of card with red blue and orange yellow iridescent Pebeo paint and die cut several flowers with the English Country Garden Grand Floral dies. Once they were dry I glued then in place on a tree I drew and painted in earlier.

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