Friday, 31 March 2017

Crafting with Kids

Today is a happy/sad kinda day, My time on the Inspirers team for Crafters Companion has come to an end. I have enjoyed ever minute of it and met some amazingly talented people who I hope to keep in touch with for years to come.

So for my post today I am sharing some projects I created for crafting with kids.

Stamp and stitch cards, use your larger stamps with lots of open spaces. Once you stamp the image punch holes along the stamp lines with a sharp tool. Then stitch along the holes with a cord or think thread.

Make a large pom pom mixing material, wool, cord, and buttons together. My son loves making these and feeling all the different textures once complete. You can add all sorts of things including bells. 

These are great for little ones and are a great way to use up leftover papers, glue patterned papers to the flat side of large clear beads and glue googly eyes to the top. 

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