Thursday, 25 May 2017

Note Books

I am really getting back into making these notebooks. They make such handy gifts for people especially if you're like me and leave it to the last minute to find/make a gift. 

 * I cut my chipboard for inside the cover to the sizes I needed
* Then I cut files down to size for the pages, once they are cut I glue them together. I like to weigh these down with something heavy while they dry to keep everything together.
* The covers were made from a sheet of A3 card which I decorated with stamps, stencils, paints and sprays. The sprays I used will always react to water so I made sure to seal them after I was finished. 
* Cut the card down to fit the chipboard pieces and glue together to form the cover. Punch holes and attach the ribbon for the closure and then glue the pages in place. 

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