Thursday, 24 September 2015

Scream and Shout

Hi All 

I very recently posted about me and a couple of crafty pals setting challenges for each other. Well the second challenge was set, based on a song, and as shocking as it was to me, I am the first to complete it.

I am still really loving working on old cereal packets, and used one as the base for this page. I covered the cardboard with book pages and tissue paper that had a text design printed on it. The tissue paper also had a rose and some ink splodges printed on it which I tried to keep visible. Over this I scrapped gesso, just to tone down some of the text.

Once dry, I used some sprays I made up from Color Lab powders. I stood the page up and sprayed at the top letting them run to the bottom of the page. Remembering to spray one colour at a time so they didn't completely blend into each other.

I then introduced an orange spray to the two bluey colours I was using making it extra important to allow drying time (I am very impatient, so remembering that drying time really is a struggle), I also only wanted the smallest amount of orange spray. Once that was dry I applied some blue and orange paints through a stencil.

 Then out came the pencil...........................................

After that I stamped out the words with different letter stamps, cut them out glued them in place. At which point I decided my black ink was not black enough and I went over them all with a black paint pen.

I then painted in the person, keeping the colours quite muted, I went for browns on the cape. I also didn't want the face to be overly detailed, just enough so there was some kind of expression.

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