Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas book box

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Every year I put a box out on the First of December, with all our Christmas films and books in. Most years its an old toy box or a cardboard box covered in wrapping paper this year I had an old CD storage box I could alter and hopefully I will have something I can put out for years to come.

It Started off as a very plain metal box and its pretty large. by far one of the largest projects I have completed. 

I started by covering all the edges, hinges and locks with brown paint, that I sanded back in places so you can see some of the metal underneath. Then I cut several sheets of patterned paper into 2 inch squares, which I glued in place. I edged all the panels of patterned paper with dots of Cosmic Shimmer's PVA pearlescent glue in Olympic Gold and Choco Brown.

I recently had a clock break, so naturally I scavenged for pieces before throwing it away. One of the kept pieces was the dome that covered the clock face, which I used to cover the focal image on the top of the box. To make the image I ripped a strip of paper, that I used as a mask, and inked over the circle of paper with various brown and blue shades of distress inks. I then stamped three angels, some snowflakes and a Christmas themed phrase. Before glueing the dome to the card I added some frost flakes from The Embellishment Attic. I then glued the metal ring over the top, added more Cosmic Shimmer glue in dots, and glued in place two children's Christmas ornament that I had painted with my son. 

Putting that aside to dry, I painted some polystyrene snowflake with green paint. once the paint was dry I heated the snowflakes so the polystyrene bubbled slightly and then rubbed treasure gold over the top.

I made a mixture of different sized flowers with red, gold and silver ribbon, adding black beads and bells to the centres. I also coloured some paper flowers with a watered down brown stain, and heat embossed some small chip board snowflakes with sliver embossing powder.

When everything was dry I arranged the flowers and snowflakes on top of the box, adding lots of extra metal embellishments.

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