Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Bright and Bold- Andy Skinner Challenge

Hello Everyone

I left it till almost the last moment to enter, and there was a lot of ermmmmm maybe I shouldn't moments, but here is my piece for the Andy Skinner bright and bold challenge which you can find here.

My  Andy Skinner/ Decoart stuff is quite small and I think I used it all on this pieces. My base was just a bit of chipboard that I coated in Gesso. On my craft mat I mixed Prussian blue hue fluid acrylic, with different amounts of tinting base. I used these mixes on the background and on the rectangles and the stencilling (Industrial elements stencil). I then mixed Naphthol red light and Hansa yellow fluid acrylics with modelling paste, which I scrapped on with a knife, which gave me a very chunky effect.

Thank you for reading


  1. Gemma - your "ermmmmm maybe I shouldn't moments" definitely turned into SHOULDs!!! This is really unique and I love unique!! And of course, my fav color is orange so that makes it even better!!! j.


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