Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pebeo Fantasy Pour canvas

I had never done this before and I did it really badly, really, really badly spraying rubbing alcohol over the paints because I wanted it to move more and I thought it was a good idea. Let me tell you it's not it's a very bad idea, My eyes and my throat hurt by the time I was done, Just don't do it.

My lovely boy got me (with the help of his dad) some Pebeo Fantasy Moon and Prisme paints for Mothers day, which was great as it's something I had never used before. I painted an old canvas with a coat of black gesso and then a coast of very fluid black acrylic, after that I just poured lots of different coloured paints over the top, moving them around with a palette knife and spraying them with the rubbing alcohol (don't do it, it's a very bad idea)

I do really like the result.

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